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On January 11 in 2010 the CCTV China business year character evaluates the being accepted candidate list to make known officially, the Chinese economic domain 20 candidates are accepted. Is right “the business year character” with the people the traditional impression to be different,LED Tube Light this session of name lists presented many technical faces, but also has the innovation entrepreneur who many scales are also in the growth period, by this being accepted name list, starts to ponder that this year's year economical character can be a wealth honor announcement, a knowledge innovation report card?

“takes present domestic finance and economics most influential evaluation, “” not only the Chinese business year character the evaluation is one of CCTV year heavy programs, is also the business community, the academic circle and the media combs hand in hand to a Chinese economy year's end, is under the economical reforming background, seeks the Chinese economical health accord development a comprehensive discussion.”

the 2010CCTV China business year character evaluated director Mr. Chen Hong soldier to introduce like this to reporter the list drawing a charge background, “in the domestic and foreign economical outstanding people, the renowned expert and in the authoritative media widespread recommendation's foundation, the appraisal committee experts threw the ticket has given this 20 people,HTPC Keyboard reflected immediately the economic world ponder mutual recognition, but CCTV will transmit through business year character evaluation this platform this idea gives everybody, transmitted for the society.”“will seek for the Chinese economy the year to be arrogant” this slogan might as well concrete explanation is “who is giving the strength for future Chinese economic development reforming”.

New is able to discriminate words reforming old, does not discuss the hero by the scale. With take looking from 20 be accepted professions, this year's evaluation will start “the innovation responsibility” to take the weight economical character propelling force and the influence first standard, emerging commanded troops in has received more applause with in the traditional jorum's race. 2010 business year character evaluates while gives strength development way reforming, also let the human review Xiaoping Comrade “the science and technology was the first productive forces” the instruction.

An announcement knows the world, did the keen capture economic life new pulsation, in the past's in 2010, which new luminescent spots the Chinese economy present, is who is continuing to lighten the Chinese economy? They lighten the Chinese economy Overflows the color from Beijing Olympic Games' time, to the Shanghai World Expo pretty moving, the world has discovered a brilliance according to person's China, people also in aftertaste light and shade art, life and technical interweaving.Android TV Keyboard When shares these visual sense organ, the people actually have not paid attention, invents the electric lamp and the telephone after Edison, our life quietly has evolved to a 3G two-way charges for cellular phones time, LED lightens life the time.

In “2010CCTV the Chinese business year character” in 20 being accepted name lists, reporter had discovered is located at this concerned entrepreneur. Insisted for a long time the independent innovation, lets the human eye preceding bright finally in 2010, lets us time difference tends the synchronization with the world technology. The LED illumination is honored as the illumination revolution the pacemaker, has over ten thousand hundred million markets in the future, tide group's Chairman Sun Pishu saw has conserved energy the new domain to the technical huge demand, the tide researches and develops the proprietary intellectual property rights the blue light LED extension piece, becomes domestic takes the lead to research and develop the production high luminance LED extension piece, the chip enterprise.

Meanwhile, a Zhejiang Hangzhou's Private enterprise UK flew the special electronic Limited company, Chairman Hua Guichao takes the lead to complete the LED illumination driver's general attack. in 2010, UK flies breaks the LED illumination actuation power source domain core technologies especially successfully basically the embarrassing situation which grasps by the overseas enterprise.

With dozens of world famous enterprises and in organization PK, UK flies relies on 96% ultra highly effective LED power source driver and intelligence LED especially illuminates the common control system to establish it in now the global LED illumination actuation domain leading position. “in the LED illumination industry chain, they have chosen the unique position, has mastered own core technologies, has formed the competitive power which does not have may substitute”,

flies the enterprise which regarding UK this family outside not too knew very well especially, evaluation vice-director Ms. Yan Wenyu introduced like this, “this possibly is the year economical character evaluates a scale smallest enterprise, we do not settle on he 100,000,000 many output values, but is must discover that he innovates the implication value.”

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