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First, LED takes the point source, if the rational design, may solve the traditional spherical photo source to a great extent to directly depend upon two times takes the light which and the light loss question the photoemission solves; Second, LED is controllable to the illumination plane of fire's uniformity, theoretically may achieve in the target sector is completely even, this can also avoid the traditional photo source “under the lamp bright” in the phenomenon light waste;

Third, the color temperature may elect, like this in different situation application, is also raises the efficiency, to reduce the cost an important way; Fourth, the LED illumination lamps and lanterns technology advancement space is still very big.

Second, the inferiority (influence street light promotion application's factor) has: The LED illumination lamps and lanterns current price is also too high,cat5e product manufacturer the luminous flux is low, the current same level degree of illumination design's LED photo source price is probably equal to traditional photo source 4 times (in street light product, photo source part accounts for total cost not to be high, will therefore raise proportion in project installment's cost too not to be high, application space quite big), will withstand with difficulty in civil. The current design and the manufacture standard are quite chaotic, the damage proportion was high, has affected the LED flare's life superiority.

This section already does not have the indicator by the designer BramKnaapen design's wall clock, also does not have the display monitor,LED Spot Light Manufacturer it is completely expresses the hour by three clock different length illumination LED, minute and the second time condition. But we cannot see the characteristic which only from the picture it changes, but may consider, when its second one second one second change, is likely the neon light advertisement general rich person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project. The identical funds LED wall clock also has the manifestation which another kind turns on a light, is all LED shines, the tell time change's part is demonstrated by not the bright condition, is just opposite before, did not know that which one kind of demonstration you do compare like?

The LED industry wields great power with great arrogance, the chip price with continually is also rising, in the first half of the year increase scope close 30%,LED Flood Light Manufacturer some varieties are even about 50%. The Dongguan many LED enterprises indicated that this is factors and so on upstream raw material rise in price annoys “troublesome”, possibly will cause some small scale the enterprise to cheat on labor and materials.

The chip price most surges upward near half Dongguan joyful photo source Manager Min Huachu slightly obviously is agitated indicated that the red yellow light LED chip, the bluish green light LED chip rise in price reaches 20%, some type LED chip even reaches as high as 30%. Silver Xin illumination General Manager Li Ze and also has same worried. He said that the company imports the LED chip mainly comes from Taiwan factory, the rise in price also has 20%. In the attendance electro-optical deputy general manager Zhu Bingzhong told the reporters, company's LED chip already has Taiwan to import, also has from the mainland chip factory purchase, the chip price has the nearly 2-3 tenths rises.

The professional indicated that at the end of the first quarter of this year, the global LED chip and the extension piece start to rise in prices.LED Ceiling Light Manufacturer At present some chip increase scope already approached 50%, estimated that in the third quarter the price still put in order in the top digit plate. In this kind beyond expectation rises in prices rapidly, the Chinese each big chip giants have welcomed the profit high rise period.

Raw material lets the LED chip rise in prices Paradise electron routine vice-total Fanning rather thought that rises in prices the most essential reason, lies in the chip upstream raw material the extension piece production to need the material the sapphire substrate, the organic metal (MO) materials and so on gas also to leave the present value rising quantity to shrink.

For instance, two inch sapphire substrates from the lowest 8 US dollar/piece of rises to the approximately 30 US dollars/pieces, the rising trend still had not seen at present the stagnant sign. Although the LED chip and the extension piece's price rises unceasingly, in the market was still falls short of demand. The chip rise in price's essence or the supply-demand relation are unbalanced. Middle and upper reaches overseas LED the company thought that the Chinese LED Enterprise will continue to increase, therefore, they will carry on the control by any means possible from the upstream.

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