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Personalization solution The display monitor market competition is getting more and more intense, how to win in the competition? Cheng Boan believed that we should understand display monitor's effect profoundly. The LED display monitor belongs to the convey information medium,LED lights manufacturer is the information demonstrated that gives a populace's carrier.

The LED display monitor has each kind of application plan and the possibility, should as far as possible the excavation and the refinement market, in view of the customer demand, makes personalized the plan. The capital operation, altogether wins steady The part domestic LED enterprise goes on the market one after another since 2010, capital market operation achievement enterprise more powerful development power.

Cheng Boan believed that if the enterprise has had certain scale and the capital operation foundation and ability, is may consider going on the market. But going on the market is must achieve the shareholder, the investor and the society altogether wins in every way.dvb t tuners As the enterprise, must have such overall situation view. Going on the market is only a process, but is not the ultimate objective. The enterprise's road of development, steady is the most important, how the industrial upgrading, how do the conformity resources, how promote enterprise's anti-risk ability well, is creates obviously unceasingly explores, the thinking and the practice topic.

  Introduces the infrared emission radiation and applies in the sunlight tube, is enhances the tube service life the important means. In the radiation consideration, we separate the LED photo source lamp bead's radiation and power source's radiation,dvb t mpeg4 does not disturb mutually, thus guaranteed radiates rationality.

  The heat conduction way has three kinds, the convection, the conduction and the radiation. In the seal environment, the convection and the conduction realize are possibly small, but will send out hotly through the radiation, is the sunlight tube consideration key point.

Safe   Safe, here mainly said the PC being flame-resistant plastic tube, because infrared radiates can penetrate the PC tube, then we design considered when the LED lamp uses, can more consideration its securities, with the physical insulation way which all models, even if must isolates in the use the power source can also the absolute guarantee use security.

  The LED illumination lamps and lanterns' development had the quite long time, looking from the energy conservation effect,dvb-t receivers its future application surface is quite broad, except the energy conservation, its security, the long life's use will be we should pay attention!

  Safe! In LED illumination lamps and lanterns in the design is the first essential factor, uses the PC being flame-resistant material the daylight lamp, after having solved the security problem, how to enhance the life, the above various projects proposed the solution hoped that provides the more thinking patterns to the numerous LED illumination lamps and lanterns factory!

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